My name is Gilles van Wees and I love making records, doesn’t matter what my role in the process is. I like to write songs, produce and play my instruments as member of the band Banji. When I’m working in a studio I look at the studio as a playground full of musical instruments, similar to a child in a playground. It really excites me to use all the possibilities a studio offers such as various instruments and the whole recording equipment. I try to get the best out of every song and create a specific sound with elements that fits the song. Some songs need some new parts, other songs need to be stripped down of certain elements because the core of the song is already great. In other songs you need to replace sounds and parts to create new fresh elements in the song. Music, lyrics and the production should be coherent to create the right experience for the listener. 

I studied at the Herman Brood Academy where I improved myself as a guitarist, composer and performing artist in various bands. During this study I discovered that I have a great interest in music production and composing. After I got my bachelor of pop music I decided to study at the Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam where I qualified myself as a music producer and sound engineer.

My specialty is playing multiple instruments, working as a composer and being a music producer for myself and for other artists. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any music related collaboration!